The people of this district speaks in an informal Bangla dialect. Linguistically, it is connected to the districts of Feni and Lakshmipur as well as some parts of the district ofChittagong , known as Mirasarai. Indian nationals of Bilonia area of Tripura State also speaks in the same Noakhali dialect.

Noakhali dialect does not have any recognised grammar recording. There is no formal use of Noakhali dialect in public, in courts, or in legislature like the existent standard Bangla. It stays as the language of the people of Noakhali region of Bangladesh. The educated, elite, political and influential groups of Bangladesh bearing Noakhali homogeneity or being intrinsically exposed to the sociocultural phenomenon of Noakhali usually prefer the standard form of Bangla for their wider communication and keep this dialect as their private means of linguistic exchange only with the members of the indigenous community of Noakhali.